• Carl Fischer Music Clarinet Products

    Carl Fischer Music Clarinet Products (1)

    Clarinet products published by Carl Fischer Music and Theodore Presser
  • Bass Clarinet Books

    Bass Clarinet Books (6)

    The Symphonic Repertoire for the Bass Clarinet series of bass clarinet orchestral excerpt books and transposed performance-ready parts books.
  • Clarinet and String Quartet

    Clarinet and String Quartet (15)

    Arrangements of major clarinet concerti and other pieces for clarinet and string quartet. Imagine getting to perform major works for the clarinet with strings (when a full orchestra isn't available).
  • Trios

    Trios (9)

    Trios for two clarinets and bass clarinet or bassoon from the orchestra, concert band, opera and other genres.
  • Bass Clarinet Stands

    Bass Clarinet Stands (2)

    Lightweight carbon fiber bass clarinet stands that fit inside your case
  • Clarinet Pieces

    Clarinet Pieces (3)

    Compositions by Michael Drapkin for clarinet, bass clarinet and clarinet and piano.
  • Apparel

    Apparel (4)

    Bass clarinet apparel
  • Free Music

    Free Music (8)

    Compositions, arrangements and orchestra parts that you can download for free